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People often ask me if I have a favorite project that I have done. My stock answer is that my most recent project is my favorite. That really is no joke because I believe that every project is part of a progression: what is learned from one applies to another. Although my creative ideas do cover a wide range of interests and explore into many business sectors, there are several aspects that I hope all of my work has in common:

drawing by Liane Sebastian visually communicates as well as through the words or the topics presented. I believe that photographs or illustrations should tell a visual story. There is no excuse in such a visual world to publish content that is not enhanced with images.

drawing by Liane Sebastian makes every element count—there is nothing extra that is not needed to convey the purpose of the project. This is a desire for minimalism, even a quest for what is essential. Details and nuances really matter and are not as subtle as may seem. Viewers react emotionally first to images, so the emotional content must count first and any more than what is needed to convey that actually detracts. Editing talent helps here.

drawing by Liane Sebastianbuilds ambience through a consistent style and family of images. All of my projects set up a look and feel that can be further developed and explored. Key elements are defined and a visual language set up. Perhaps the biggest mistake ppl make in their sites happens when various segments do not visually work together. A visual awareness takes a commitment to one visual direction. The more flexible that direction is, without losing recognizability and consistency, the better. There is an exception—and I am that exception. I have six blogs and each one is graphically very different. Each one is its own project and only relate in that I am the author of all six. Because I sell banner designs, it is appropriate that my own projects show a range of styles.

My favorite design currently is Bowler Business Review, as the magazine style, the banner for the website, exhibits, social media presentations—everything works together. It is a strong visual foundation to build upon. So when ppl ask me what is my favorite project, I happily say my most recent one.

Prototype and first three issue covers.

Prototype and first three issue covers.

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Liane Sebastian, illustrator, designer, writer, and publishing pioneer

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