From Small Deal to Big Deal

It is so easy for what seems like a small project at first to then escalate. As I combine writing, editing, and design skills into the creation of Bowler Business Review, perfectionism does take over. It is the very quality of refinement that both elevates a project to potential as well as transforms a small effort into a large one.

Now with the fourth issue just released, I compare this journal with other in-world publications and it is distinctly different. It is much more visually crafted. And I wonder—as I view each page as a work of art, how appreciated is such crafting?

I approach content visually—when I edit copy, I LOOK at it, working hard to make it visually easy to read and inviting. Spending hours and hours on the photographs, there is not a single image that appears in the magazine that isn’t eased into a natural grace. Perspective is corrected, flaws deleted, and photographic collages created as illustrations.

It seems as publishing becomes easier, cheaper, and with more options, it is the visual that suffers. Few craft content the way that I do. So either I spend too much time on things readers don’t care about, or this kind of work becomes distinguished.

The newest issue of Bowler Business Review is now live online, available as a PDF download, and is an in-world magazine. Producing it three ways stretches my perfectionism as I adapt the modular content, carrying the brand over the various channels. The illustrations that I create are truly a labor of love.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

VHEA illustration

One of my favorite photographic illustrations was for Bowler Business Review #3 for Virtual Horizons Employment Agency (owned by Mystic Handrick). Job openings are posted in the virtual office for avatars to view. I made it look like a crowd is visited, just waiting to see the new job openings! I feel this image captures the anticipation.

Bowler Business ReviewEach issue has the feature profile as a portrait illustration for the cover. These three are my favorites—the middle one of Arkad Baxton is the most recent, and consequently my favorite. But my favorite project is always the most recent one!

As I work with others in the promotion of this magazine, Arkad Baxton has been advising like a mentor (when the student is ready, the teacher appears!). Following his advice, I do have to wonder how one person can do so much! All I can do is try. And also try not to make a small deal into too big of one!! —Always inspired, Liane


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