Deadlines that Loom

A very busy month due to the start of a new magazine, Unforgettable, and the holidays, I did get a bit behind and barely made the monthly deadlines. If a schedule is too tight, or if projects are new (because the first issue takes twice as long), creative ambition exceeds hours in the day really fast. As experienced as I think i am, it does happen occasionally where I have to work at capacity, and prioritize carefully. Please see my avatar’s blog for a discuss of the issue design.

blogLS-Nov12-phelanThe one area of this publishing that consumes my energy and time are the portraits. The covers thugs  month of both Bowler Business Review and Unforgettable visually express their topics without really needing the words. The former is an expression of in-world education through the display of images behind the featured portrait. The latter demonstrates the visual symbolism introduced in a new publication.


I am particularly proud the this month’s illustrated portraits. I’ve established a style of fusing several photos together: a large foreground portrait defined by the setting. Each issue of Bowler Business Review contains four articles by entrepreneurs who generously share their experience. My fascination for this issue is on the state of education within SL, because it seems such a natural extension to me. Little did I understand the complicated human barriers that the virtual pioneers encounter in real life. The two interviews with Phelan Corrimal and Rah Rehula really opened my eyes. And my admiration for their tenacity reminds me of my own publishing determination.


Continuing the striped-graphic treatment to add dimension to the pages, I have now quite the collection of portraits. So I am trying to display them at the in-world corporate offices and here online.


Please visit and to read articles and download the issues. —Always inspired, Liane


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