Patterned Expressions

One of my favorite design approaches is defining patterns. Uses as backgrounds, accents, and for visual emphasis, patterns give a distinction and recognition that can unite variety. This month for Bowler Business Review #12, I have taken a pattern approach to the articles:

Growing through the Graffiti by Brandy (Kalli Birman) uses the graffiti theme of her club. Having met her there for the discussion that led to her article, my avatar, Eleanor Medier, was inspired by the walls and the New York feeling of the sim. Wishing to represent Brandy’s personality versus just show photos of what any visitor might see, the graphic theme for the article carries through each spread. All are based on handling the wall images with musical symbols to express Brandy’s focus.

blog-BR#12-pattern brandy

The Business within The Game by Skip Oceanlane inspired that game-concept with a checkerboard pattern of chart screens from the trading floor. Capital Exchange within Second Life® comprises a wide sector range of virtually publicly held companies. Their website is one of the busiest in the virtual landscape. Using this pattern in my photo-illustrations expresses his dominance over the in-world fiscal environment. With a collage-appeal, they convey the vitality, the simple within the complex, and the rich pixel environment.


A Slice of Life: DavidDM Therian, KK Foods, by Netera Landar, was obvious for a pattern! David’s creations of in-world food are so appetizing, they could inspire real world menu selections and illustrations! It may seem remarkable for those outside of SL to imagine catering a first class party, featuring champagne, appetizers, and a seven course dinner, in a world where no one can taste and smell! Yet people are so conditioned to also find food visually appetizing, that a party without it is not a celebration.


As Bowler Business Review climbs to 3,000 readers, it has evolved in form to respond to the media. Presented online is less visual than the in-world/PDF versions, and I hope that the two better complement each other. The words in-world are highlights, but the graphics are more experimental. I hope you will view the site and download the more visual version.


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