New Road to Travel

Starting my own magazine is something I have always wished to do, but knew that it is not a one-person job. As the technological tools have reduced the profession of graphic design, I have the opportunity to blend my writing skills with my visual repertoire. The tool of the internet is a double-edged sword. As templates and good-enough design have taken over the bulk of the business I used to have, I have written several books that supplement not only my income, but blend my talents to greater satisfaction.

Always pulled between visual art and literal arts, the advice I have received from the experts have always said: Choose one. And I have never been able to choose one. Instead, I always seek to combine them, but they are strange bedfellows. Not easy to blend, the words usually come first with the visuals to complement.

In my work, I wish to develop the words and the visuals at the same time, so the communication is integral. The perfect vehicle is to create my own publication. The greatest challenge with this is not creating it, but making money enough from it that I can keep doing it. This means selling ads. That is the whole economic name-of-the game with publishing (sponsorship works too). Getting subscribers for a new publication is futile, as the expectation for readers is to receive free.

The competition could not be greater. Every somewhat creative person seems to have a blog, website, FaceBook page, and an avatar. Everyone is a photographer. Everyone is a graphic designer. Years of skill-building to do these things well no longer matters. Yet there is still the work of the professionals that rises above. Hence, there is a proliferation of magazines to describe the achievers—from The Best of Second Life to Unforgettable Magazine. Missing is a publication that probes beyond what is accomplished to what impact it has, what is learned, and how it affects the people behind the keyboards.

It is impossible to bring together millions of people from all over the world and not find impact. The significance has a ripple effect because these several million people do step away from their computers to have families, jobs, and lifestyles. They take with them the balance and insights gained from interacting with such a wide range of participants.

SSJ#1 cover-sm

So, I have gathered some help on the new magazine. This is a time to call in for favors—some to people I have profiled, some from friends who owe me favors, and some from trading services. Out flew my Instant Messages which stirred up many responses!! Please enjoy reading the results of The Sim Street Journal. —always inspired, Liane


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