Recreating the Past Symbolically

Illustration by Liane SebastianLOCATIONS: Captivated with visualizing the past begins with here. The first permanent structures built in my town were an idyllic homestead along a well-traveled ancient trail on the top of a wooded ridge. No photos exist of 1845 of the Mulford cabin or Ten Mile House, but I have tried to represent the feeling of this pioneering location. Authentic to all sources is this hopefully accurate expression: “Pioneering the Right Place at the Right Time

Please see an example of a Before and After: “Drawing Backwards in Time”

For blogs, portraits, articles, and research, making facts visual conveys more information than just words. Yet to offer affordably is a challenge because these works take many hours to create. But with my growing library of original maps and graphics, I can adapt them quickly to your specifications. They then can give life to your documents.


Being authoritative is a responsibility. So my illustrations are factual. Historically correct, they can be used in articles, research, and archival portraits.


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.








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I have a passion for publishing: I wear a designer's hat, editor's coat, and publisher's shoes. See more about my work at
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