Maps and Charts that Tell Stories

Liane Sebastian pedigree map iconMAPS: For those curious about my personal historical background, here is a geo-profile map. Covering my major area of study, all of my ancestral origins are Prussian. Though borders change, the rivers stay the same, so I generally orient historic map depiction from this perspective. Please read about my background and historical approach.

Please see my Google+ page for a collection of recent original map illustrations.

Visual Glossary of Genealogical Terms by Liane SebastianCHARTS: Those into discovering family history will confront complex terminology that only the experts seem to decipher. Most people throw up their hands and roll their eyes when hearing someone is a “double second cousin twice removed.” Now, with my charting discoveries, I can totally visualize what that means, and you can too. Please see my article Conquer Complexity: Charting Made Visual

Please see my Facebook Album “Illustrated Genealogy Terms.”


Being authoritative is a responsibility. So my illustrations are factual. Historically correct, they can be used in articles, research, and archival portraits.


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.








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