Enduring Change

image by Liane Sebastian

Winter arrived late this year. For the last few days, snow drifts cascade over the dried leaves. Fortunately, not everything freezes. I’ve used two versions of this tree composition—one to express a warm sunset amongst the chilly overcast days, and the other to convey a bit of daylight breaking through. The light and weather may change, but the waterfall continues on. Affected more by years than by seasons the streams carve the rock as trees grow. Conditions change the exterior, but never the essence.

2015 was a year of continuance and appreciating what lasts. Trying to refine my many projects, I am reluctant to start anything new until finishing what I have going. Why is the creative mind always pulling like horses at the gate of a race? Looking at the New Year, I hope to find many finishes to what I have started!

Happy New Year! I hope you find many continuances and completions, while appreciating the foundation of what is worth building upon. Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.

PORTFOLIO: http://www.lianesebastianillustration.wordpress.com

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EMAIL: lianesebastian9@gmail.com

BLOG: http://www.publishingpioneer.wordpress.com


About wisdomofwork

I have a passion for publishing: I wear a designer's hat, editor's coat, and publisher's shoes. See more about my work at www.lianesebastianillustration.wordpress.com.
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