Romantic Rush

Feb-World of Two by LianeSebastian
February needed help. Calendar designers were kind to make it the shortest month. Coming out of the deep winter of January, by the time February comes, patience with winter has grown thin. The cold has done its job of cleaning up gardens and woods. Wearing sweaters, scarves, and cuddly coats and hats has gotten old. Brisk walks on a sunny day after a big snowfall (and after neighbors have shoveled the walks) is no longer so charming.

So some visionary holiday-seekers chose February to make a romantic month. Demographically, more babies are born in the fall after a hard winter, so this must work. November is month that populates society with ample Scorpios. (Personally, I pefer that couples are romantic in January to provide more Virgos in September.)

Most romantic visual art is saccharin. There are iconic exceptions that jump to mind like Gustav Klimpt’s “The Kiss,” which inspires an encompassing passion within a rich visual feast. It is hard to beat for tasteful sensuality.

But I can try. In “Alone Together,” I have tried to capture the alone together feeling of romance—that there is someone so understanding and transparent and balancing, that they complete your world. Anyone to find such a bond is lucky, as love is probably the biggest high in life. Among the many kinds of love, romantic is the most thrilling. —Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.


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