Search for Symbolic Clarity

Most of my time is spent producing projects, not talking about them. To pause, and take a step back, is a wise thing to do. Sharing means committing to a perspective.  From experience, I work best when I jump around between several projects. Each time I take a break and work on something else, I am able to go back to the first project with a clarity that propels the finish. Working on much more than I can publish, here are three current postings that reflect some of my creative directions:

Chernoff cancer screening icon100


Series of explanatory diagrams on dental solutions for Dr. Arnold Chernoff, DDS. Created for web site pages. I present some of the most recent:
A Softer Style: Illustration Series for Dr. Chernoff.”
Design from Inside Out by Liane Sebastian
Say More with Less by Liane Sebastian

Sebastian survival #3


To prepare a Family Book from genealogy research, I participate in Facebook groups. Everyone doing family history investigation has “brick walls.” I have isolated an individual in Germany that drops off the information records in the mid-1700’s. So this is a test to see if anyone in the network can offer assistance. I prepared a simple graphic to attract the eye versus just pose the question, and composed a blog entry with more detail. “Search for Sebastian Surname” explains the research so far.

Different Similarities icon by Liane


Composing photographic collages is not something new. What is new is using composed images (much like setting up still lifes), capturing the change within the scene imposed by time and weather variations, is my series on time. “Anticipating Change” expresses my thought-process on the seasonal entry.

What all the projects have in common is the challenge of symbolism. From a diagram to an expressive composition, the single visual must grab. It has to instantly tell a story. It may invite the viewer to know more, but it must give them a reason.

—Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.


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