Geography and Genealogy

To reveal the story in any surname means visualizing where it comes from. It has geographic proximity and community context. While creating a map illustration for my family reunion this summer, there is lot more information from simple numbers than I ever expected.

Sebastian Surname Origins Map• MAP ILLUSTRATION:

Proximity and Progress: Surname Origins
A map that tells a story has an accurate and focused simplicity. Designing a topological structure, this one presents the oldest surname roots to mine:  Sebastian, including Heydt, Hammer, Trautwein, Christler, Pruet, Jungbluth, Reichart, and Ritzmann, created for our family reunion this summer. Please click here to see full-sized map and notes on its creation.

Sebastian survival #3


To prepare a Family Book from genealogy research, I participate in Facebook groups. Everyone doing family history investigation has “brick walls.” I have isolated an individual in Germany that drops off the information records in the mid-1700’s. So this is a test to see if anyone in the network can offer assistance. I prepared a simple graphic to attract the eye versus just pose the question, and composed a blog entry with more detail. “Search for Sebastian Surname” explains the research so far.

—Always inspired, Liane


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