See the Clues: Dangerous Behavior of the Narcissist

Control of the NarcissistThe insidious manipulations of the narcissist are easy to miss. Don’t be a victim of a common personality disorder that undermines progress. As an artist, I have dealt with many in my career, and victimized by a few. The illustration is my visual depiction on how the narcissist manipulates. The article, The Control of the Narcissist is what to do about it. I also include a research project on the topic I wrote a few years ago that has helped  many friends and associates who have suffered from the sting of narcissistic behavior.

Earlier posts are examples from my recent portfolio on symbolic illustrations and information graphics:

Sebastian Surname Origins Map• MAP ILLUSTRATION:

Proximity and Progress: Surname Origins
A map that tells a story has an accurate and focused simplicity. Designing a topological structure, this one presents the oldest surname roots to mine:  Sebastian, including Heydt, Hammer, Trautwein, Christler, Pruet, Jungbluth, Reichart, and Ritzmann, created for our family reunion this summer. Please click here to see full-sized map and notes on its creation.

Sebastian survival #3


To prepare a Family Book from genealogy research, I participate in Facebook groups. Everyone doing family history investigation has “brick walls.” I have isolated an individual in Germany that drops off the information records in the mid-1700’s. So this is a test to see if anyone in the network can offer assistance. I prepared a simple graphic to attract the eye versus just pose the question, and composed a blog entry with more detail. “Search for Sebastian Surname” explains the research so far.

—Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.


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