Time to Think Tools

Strategic thinking requires both boundaries and perspective. Consistent with my approach to technology, I have become even more determined and disciplined. It is time to declare a position.

With global friends, like pen pals of old, I treasure the internet for my friends and connection opportunities. From the day I opened my first blog with WordPress 1.0, I pontificate that people need to use the internet only as a tool for what can not be done without it. There are many tasks I feel inappropriate to do online that are commonplace for most people. My intention is not to list them here but to ask you to respect my user position.

I literally grew up with the tech and no one loves it more. But as the internet is a tool for freedom, it is also a tool for constraint, and now manipulation. It gives as well as dictates. It is up to each of us to think carefully about how we use it. If we use it for what can be done with other sources or practices, it is not used responsibly. Many purposes are better sewed by other means.

One aspect I love is that the internet allows my creativity to reach a lot of people. Over the years I have built an amazing network where I can also learn about others’ projects. However, now with current events, I am further honing my use of what internet technology does best and abandoning many of its complexities.

If you will like to leave me a message, please:

send EMAIL: lianesebastian9@gmail.com

visit LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/lianesebastian

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Liane


Liane Sebastian, artist, writer, editor, designer
EMAIL: lianesebastian9@gmail.com

PORTFOLIO: http://www.lianesebastianillustration.wordpress.com

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/lianesebastian

If you message me elsewhere, I may be slow to respond, as my focus is to do a good job with as few tools needed.



About wisdomofwork

I have a passion for publishing: I wear a designer's hat, editor's coat, and publisher's shoes. See more about my work at www.lianesebastianillustration.wordpress.com.
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