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Liane Sebastian

Blending the visual and the verbal by wearing an illustrator’s hat, editor’s coat, and marketer’s shoes, I love to find new outfits of creative opportunity.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, writer, editor, designer, content creator, and project manager

When starting out as a young designer, an older, wiser professional put his arm around my shoulder and offered this advice: “Creative careers are a roller coaster—especially for entrepreneurs.” So, armed with this enlightenment, I embarked on that roller coaster only to find truer words were never spoken!

Guided by a loose plan, I deliberately gained experience in every facet of publishing—from freelance graphic designer to firm owner to corporate manager to consultant to published author to editor to speaker to art director to self publisher to freelance illustrator.

Throughout, clients stand out as the greatest teachers, collaborators, and strategists. Creating publications involves stepping into others’ shoes, and expressing what they want to say.

My illustrations are graphic, symbolic, and find the most flexible and modular elements to create a visual language. My writing supports what I have learned in being a creative professional and expresses the blend of experience, observation, and education from teachers throughout the business world. With the unexpected things that can happen to plans, my work is sustained by a love of the expressive page.

A creative business is a service business. My goal is to team up with organizations who need compelling visuals to connect with readers— to capture the meaning of their groups and motivate response.

Career Progress:

2000-present: illustrator, designer, writer, and editor
for organizations who need compelling publications to connect with readers
Clients have included: The University of Chicago, The American Bar Association, Hyatt International Hotels, Life Services Network, Marilyn Miglin Cosmetics, and Bowler Business Review.

Without Liane’s contributions, we would never have attained a brand unparalleled in our industry!
—Jeffrey Cole, Editor-in-Chief
Litigation Magazine, The American Bar Association

1994-2000 Division Manager and Creative Director, Smith, Bucklin & Associates
directing creative group to profitability while servicing 50 key accounts.
Clients included: the Oracle Users Group, Siggraph, Society of Gastroenterology Nurses, North American association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, Wallcoverings Association, American Association of Periodontology, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and the International Customer Service Association.

1981-1994 Partner, Synthesis Concepts, Inc.
creative and production directing, marketing, client and project managing with partner Michael Waitsman.
Clients included: The American Bar Association, The Great Books Foundation, World Book Encyclopedia, Herman Miller, The Illinois Arts Council.

Being multi-talented always results in a challenging career! Even as a child, I would blend the literary and the visual—writing, designing, and drawing. I have always incorporated experiences:
• Attending art school taught me the visual basics; college taught me to be articulate; writing teaches me brevity.
• Conducting business teaches me to design, edit, symbolize, and apply ideas to results.
• Serving as an association president taught me how to manage nonprofit initiatives.
• Presenting and publishing teaches me to mesh my talents, skills, and experiences.
• Illustrating for integrated media publication connects me to an international community.

Please “A Personal Statement” where I describe my lifestyle for those who asked.


Liane Sebastian wears an artist’s hat, designer’s coat, and editor’s shoes.

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