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See the Clues: Dangerous Behavior of the Narcissist

Explore the dangers of a common personality disorder, prevalent and untreated. Here are eight techniques narcissists use in their grab for power. My illustration expresses visually the environment they create, and the article explores how they set it up. Continue reading

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Geography and Genealogy

To reveal the story in any surname means visualizing where it comes from. It has geographic proximity and community context. While creating a map illustration for my family reunion this summer, there is lot more information from simple numbers than … Continue reading

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Technology Up, Visuals Down

Templates make publications faster. They also kill design. (They make great slaves but lousy masters unless so well done, they facilitate development and efficiency while preserving quality). Rather, it seems online design has gained the proportion of banners and the … Continue reading

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Visuals that Speak

Starting this blog comes from three years of consistent wordpress publishing. This begins the series to show my portfolio and features creative ideas. Continue reading

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