Give the past to the future.
Family legacy gifts become treasures appreciated by generations.

By transforming your family data into illustrations, your numbers come alive. They reveal a story of family choices, culture, and values that can be expressed visually.

Illustrating maps and cityscapes for many years, I have built an original library of elements. Adapting these images to fit your parameters makes creating custom pieces for your family history affordable.

Consider these ideas for gift illustrations that can commemorate your history:
• print and frame as a gift to family
• use as a cover to a family genealogy
• present as an anniversary gift
• share as a family reunion graphic
• post online in social media

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Migration Maps to trace the locations where your family lived.
Present your family legacy visually. Custom maps, created by illustrator Liane Sebastian, are based on an original  library. Your data can inspire a design that makes the numbers come alive. The images make perfect gifts, tributes, and enhance reunion albums.

Please see other ideas on the “Migration Maps” description page

Transformations: Living Legacies to depict the history of vintage houses.
A home reflects the changes and choices of those who live within. The building evolves, much like people. Its alterations always carry a story. Each owner leaves their influence. The most interesting are those that blend a vintage origin with contemporary attributes. The integrity of the original is enhanced by the new. While the house might not qualify for historic preservation, it brings a new aesthetic to its heritage. Many of the oldest houses have vintage alterations and decades of renovation. Comparing the new with the old reveals the living legacy of the structure. These drawings present then and now comparisons—especially when no images of the original exist.

Please see more ideas on the “Transformations” project page.

Biography in Buildings to portray your architectural ancestry.
A visual biography can concisely express a family’s history. Illustration can make the biography  comparative, sequential, and expressive. I have created six images to convey 500 years of the Schmitt family: the early images authentically approximate where the family lived; the latter are based on the real images. Their story mirrors that of many Americans.

Please see the“Schmitt Story Biography” in six images for presentation concept.


Liane Sebastian wears an artist’s hat, designer’s coat, and editor’s shoes.