Rotating Portfolio by Liane Sebastian

The best images speak visually—they tell a story, give a mood, and intrigue. They give power to communication. They even set up a visual language and style.

As communication has become more and more visual through the decades, the profusion of images confronting readers has exploded. For an image to be remembered through the throngs takes skill and talent to produce. And it takes being responsive to the audience.

The best images are flexible and stand the test of time. They build a visual brand and offer a foundation to build promotions and publications. An illustrator must have a strong approach but flexible styles. These visual projects demonstrate my various approaches and skills for creating images that communicate. These samples, in chronological order, express my journey as a professional illustrator.

All through my career, I have collected maps and etchings from the past. Now, with an extensive collection, I can compose images to fit genealogy research. After setting up a presentation for my own family, I hope to assist historians, researchers, and families by creating customized images that brings history to life. With reasonable fees, I can offer this service internationally. Please let me know how I can collaborate with you! lianesebastian9@gmail.com

LS-maps and genealogical illus

Please enjoy these other samples from my portfolio:

Chernoff illustration by Liane Sebastian2

Some of my newest client work includes illustration and design for Dr. Chernoff’s dental office. His communications are distinctive and a resource for both new and existing patients. With sections on treatments and concise explanations for various oral care concerns, it captures Dr. Chernoff’s wisdom and the advice from his patients’ experiences. To illustrate choices and methods, I am working on a series of Dental Solutions. With more clarity than photographs, the focus and simplified style eliminate distractions.
A Softer Style: Illustration Series by Liane Sebastian
Design from Inside Out by Liane Sebastian
Say More with Less by Liane Sebastian

Portfolio-identities band

Logo or symbol design is both one of the most creative areas of design and one of the most restrictive. Within a very small space, with a flexibility of scaling, it needs to give an organization instant distinction. To develop a symbol that can do so much with as direct approach as possible takes an immersion from the outside in the subject matter: too place the viewpoint in the position of the audience or recipien

LS-SSJ three covers

Expertise from soliciting articles to editing to design to production to promotion, Sim Street Journal uses all of my skills, and pushes new ones. Very active in social media, readership continues to consistently grow.

Illinois Arts Council illustrations

The illustration series gave the Illinois Arts Council communications a consistency. Click here to see other samples in this series.

Hyatt International

Hyatt International commissioned a poster series to express where their hotels are in the world visually. There are twelve in the series, each is composed of an iconic object covered in maps. I worked with several paper sculptors and a photographer.

Digital Design Business Practices

Writing augments my career as an illustrator. Having served as an association president, partner in a design firm, and corporate communications manager, I wrote about my experiences in three editions of Digital Design Business Practices. The last in the series quotes 700 creative professionals. It is a comprehensive examination of running a creative business. Please click here for Amazon page.

mural for University of Wisconsin in Madison

Occasionally there is a project that coalesces all past experience into one. I worked with my sister Jill on the installation art for the University of Wisconsin in Madison and I illustrated several of the projects within her management. Working in glass called upon my education in printmaking, experience as a graphic designer with reproduction tolerances, and my fine art drawing skills. Please see related article.

8concerns-identities band-sz

For design to have communicative power or influence, it  must motivate the reader in some way. Perhaps it is to inform, educate, or even to entertain. But design has a job to do. To create design that motivates comes from a focus or an approach of viewpoint. There are 8 essential viewpoint lens or tools that are consistent in all my work. The concepts are accented with examples and more thoughts about the validity of having axioms.


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.

BLOG: http://www.publishingpioneer.wordpress.com

PORTFOLIO: https://lianesebastianillustration.wordpress.com/portfolio/

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/lianesebastian

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Liane-Sebastian-Illustration-742565389187170/

EMAIL: lianesebastian9@gmail.com



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