Exploring how skills can be applied and expanded in a virtual world points to a new Renaissance. When cultures mix, sparks fly. Knowledge is shared. Aesthetics are traded. Hybrids are spawned. The world changes. Anyone who does not see that happening due to the Internet is either in denial or in Syberia.

The virtual world is primarily visual. As avatars walking around, navigation, signage, maps, orientation, and quality of environments all become paramount. Other media like music or video or websites or forums can augment, but the core is visual. As a visual artist showing art in a visual world, I am able to bring what I have learned by really doing it to this new cultural frontier. I join a world in progress where there are thousands of visual artists and galleries. Most artists balance showing in their own versus around the grid in others. I am leaving a similar footprint.

Blogging about my exhibit experiences during this year has me pause to consider my three major phases. Profiling conclusions from doing, please read:

• Virtual Parallels: learning inworld
Sharing the things I have learned about exhibiting and selling artwork inworld also has applications outworld and vice versa. The two have an interplay, but the virtual world also has advantages that I could never hope to achieve in the real one!

• Dynamic Displays: virtual presentation polishing
Designing exhibitions inworld pushes visual clarity. From the installation at Book Island to gallery exhibitions, I use the format to explore common concerns. Visual images, whether art or posters or promotions or signage, all rely on the basic rules of effective communication but add their own character.

Also please see my past blogs about exhibiting art and exhibition design:

• “Virtual Opportunity: Gallery Medier
• “Flowers of Creativity: Virtual Exhibition


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