Landscapes by Liane Sebastian (Eleanor Medier)

Perhaps it is due to my impatience with video because it takes time to get the message. And focus. Maybe I am just too conditioned by the rule that a viewer must be captured with three seconds.

A single still image can be as powerful as an entered hour-long movie. It can communicate faster, and convey a mystery that can pull the viewer in. It can inspire the viewer to wish to know more.

Photographic collages abound everywhere. So to bring a new approach to such an old motif is brave. I write about how I got the idea for this progressive series in Visual Distinction. Here, I wish to show the best of the landscapes I have created so far for Sim Street Journal.

#4-blake beach3-sz

Shooting various times of the day is expressed in this image from the Blake Sea, which takes its inspiration from Nantucket. To take one image from night to day to storm, conveying the beauty of its nuances in any setting, the movement of time and activity are captured. This location is from the portrait of the virtual Blake Sea, of open virtual waters rimmed by well-developed and eclectic communities. Sim Street Journal #4 Online shows another from this series.

#4-blake beach5-sz

This one is more subtle, softer. Highly editorial, I have used it as backgrounds. But its soft subtly is mysterious, a quiet contrast in the series. Rather than time of day, I hope to reflect the location’s many moods. It could even be the same time of day on different days.

#4-blake beach6-sz

Ok, one more. I loved this location. Perhaps it is that bird—he has an attitude. This environment is so beautiful, it does not seem virtual, but it is. From the sim of Sudane Erato, it is the most contemplative I have found. To shoot one location at many times of day in real life would come out similarly. This one was not used in Sim Street Journal, but is an outtake I finished to include here.


Choosing all cool lightings, the series progresses with a shorter time-frame. As if standing on a pier, watching dusk descend, the pier is inviting. Composed of only five images, it is the first to incorporate transparent layers that fuse transitions. This is the only one of the collection that does not have a dominant light source, which gives it more desolation. I used it as a background in Sim Street Journal #5.


These images are presented in the order that I created them, so this bridge began with the light source of the sunset. It explores more variety in lighting control. I’ve used this one as the background for “EXPERIMENT.”

#9-chris beach-cool-sz

In the most recent issue, I finally found a beach with the drama and composition that would allow this horizontal progression from the inside out. Finding the right beach setting might seem like it should be easy in a virtual world where the default of most decoration is tropical. This beach offers components that express an endurance through change. This image is my favorite of the five I composed from this setting. but I do like them all. I like them together. So I use them in my article about this approach.

Slices of time, of weather, of context, have defined the illustration style of Sim Street Journal. This is transformative photography, illustration, and sets up variety. When I have an idea, either by a point i wish to explore, or inspired by a place I discover, I know then how I wish to push the atmospheres. What I don’t know is how they will fit together. Each suggests what kind of change to express. —Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.







Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.







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