Sailing by Liane Sebastian/Eleanor Medier

6If I didn’t tell you that these scenes were created in a virtual world, would you know? Does it matter? To me, the most important quality to begin any dialog with a work of art is emotion. Message.

To convey states of travel—a beached tug boat, docked small craft, and a sailboat out in full mast, each takes the idea of atmosphere further than the landscape series. The horizon is more dominant, the composition simpler.

LS-Blake Sea intro-sz

The Snug Harbor is the oldest image and with a simpler construction. This appeared in Sim Street Journal #4 and is one of many favorite landscapes I love from that location.

I often start with the light source, but this has evolved as I have worked on illustrations for Sim Street Journal. The photo strips express the choices of how participation control the environments.

LS-fogbound boat-sz

This beach scene at Fogbound Blues Club is also one of the Atlantic northeast U.S.

Again, I began with the sun and worked out to express the desolation of this windswept peninsula that juts out into the ocean. This tug boat looks abandoned, even frozen there with a wintery feeling.

LS-blake sea saling-sz

Getting out there in the middle of the ocean is simulated by Blake Sea, and large unrestricted part of the SL world. It is rimmed with communities of devoted sailors, clubs, shops, and activity. My approach in these images is to not capture the social side of this location, but the sense that it rises above mattering if virtual or real.

The Blake Sea is both serene and unpredictable—like the real ocean. In this image, I began selecting photos that had other boats speeding by. Then I layered them in a new way from the other images. The light source also is the photograph for the base behind all the others: the sun rises on the extreme left.

Now, when I sit by the real life harbors and watch the boats going out into the lake for an afternoon excursion, I can come home and do the same, along with my camera.

—Always inspired, Liane


Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.







Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.







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