Say More with Less: representative illustrations

Say More with Less by Liane Sebastian

To convey the atmosphere of Dr. Chernoff’s dental office in photographs doesn’t work. There is too much visually going on. Within the operatory are instruments, dispensers, lights, computers, etc. that are used for various treatments. To focus in on what the professionals are doing means eliminating the visually inconsequential. Also, though the viewer may recognize Dr. Chernoff, Maral, and Megan, the patient in the images should not be a specific individual, but instead be representative.

Another limiting factor for photographs is angle and clarity. In a small room, it is not always possible to get a good point of view. An illustration allows a better choice not only of detail, but of angle and composition. Plus, there needs to be a variety to best express the range of procedures.

Examination dental illustration for Dr. Chernoff by Liane Sebast

In a series of images created for Dr. Chernoff’s website, both general and specific procedures are represented. With a simplified silk-screen-like style, the most important part of each image, patient care, can be expressed.

This was the first illustration created in this series, and therefore set the tone. “Dr. C” is checking the fit of a crown with precision.

Please see the Facebook Album of the full series.

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