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In a world of video and animation, often messages get lost in the phenomena of “too much information.” To be able to express an entire organization or publication in one image is a challenge I can never resist. It is my favorite form of design because so much must be done with so little. To create an image that is original, unique, dynamic, memorable, and motivating, is like a continue quest, awakened anew with each assignment. The most recent identities I’ve created all use recognizable, maybe even trite, images, but I trust, in new ways. After all, what is creativity if not seeing the same things but in a new way? portfolio-ID-alexanders Although I have won awards for menu designs, it is not often to design a logo for a new restaurant—and one where I also love the food! Bright, cheerful, and perfectly targeted, this new restaurant in Skokie not only has my logo on the awnings, menu, and wall, but Alexander’s Lunch and Dinner is also one of my favorite places to eat! portfolio-ID-cosmosmaster Similarly, to get in on the ground floor with a new game design is not something that happens everyday. This galactic logo expresses the kind of balance that the creators of CosmosMaster wish to active.  It is a game within a virtual world, so it expands on the idea of first, second, and now third lives. Complete with a society, economy, politics, and culture, this game will appeal to those who are strategically creative. portfolio-ID-simstreetjournal Working on a banner for my own publication is like the seamstress sewing her own clothes—I tend to be last on my design Things to Do list. About six months ago, I redesigned the Sim Street Journal banner from its original, as inspired by a critic that I respect. Crisp, succinct, unlike the other of my most recent designs, it uses the letter forms themselves, weaving the road image into it. These logos appear most prominently in banners, though Alexander’s has yet to develop much of a web presence. Business is good, so that doesn’t get to the top of their Things to Do list! Still, I will get more photos of the place and post here, as the logo really works in the setting. Committed to my 8 Concerns of Design, the theme of my Portfolio, I feel all of these new designs fit every category. Onto new quests for encapsulating symbolic meaning in publications….. always inspired, Liane

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Liane Sebastian wears an editor’s hat, designer’s coat, and artist’s shoes.







Sim Street Journal explores the relevance of virtual to real commerce and culture.







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