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A Chart of Strategic Choices

There are always stories in the numbers. The first way to understand genealogical data is to chart it. Tracing three families from 1700 to 1850 is the foreground of a pivotal point in history. Within their data, a strategy is revealed, reflective of the background history. This interplay also dictates the approach to chart design. Continue reading

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A Boast of Modesty

History can show the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to study reveals what is carried forward and what is lost. A family’s history can be displayed through the places they lived—the architecture and the circumstances surrounding. This illustration, of a modest house in Züsch Germany, expresses this interplay of influences. Continue reading

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Magnetic Migration: Ironworkers to Züsch

Confronting the challenge of scale, this illustrative map gives context to convergence. In 1700, industrial pioneers in Europe did not travel as far as their descendants, but did so with as much significance. Not only did they react to historic demands, they were architects of their own, and our, destinies. Continue reading

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Ancestor Access: Allendorf an der Lahn

Blending past and present is well expressed in Allendorf/Lahn, Germany. I have Illustrated several of their 300 year old buildings that show this integration. Continue reading

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Historical Hessen Hints

The influence of technology and politics filters down to affect the small villages circa 1600s. In the battleground of the Thirty Years Wars, Southwestern Germany was the stage for the conflict and the innovations. These factors show in family history data. But how to pinpoint to the actual events? Continue reading

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See the Clues: Dangerous Behavior of the Narcissist

Explore the dangers of a common personality disorder, prevalent and untreated. Here are eight techniques narcissists use in their grab for power. My illustration expresses visually the environment they create, and the article explores how they set it up. Continue reading

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Search for Symbolic Clarity

An overview on current projects can express the use of integrating various media. Anchored around single illustrations that represent thematic directions, I share several creative directions. Continue reading

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