Most of this website comprises profiles of one form or another. What is design if not a profile of the client? What is an illustration if not a profile of a moment in time? What is a biography if not a portrait?

This Profiles collection is eclectic, but held together by approach. They all blend the visual, the narrative, and the symbolic.

About Liane is my biography.

Running themes underpin all of my posts, pages, or series. This is a very old blog. If you have the patience to dig, you will see all my phases for years. Currently I am pursuing topics that merge history and progress.

In brief, I have experience in every facet of visual communication. Educated as a printmaker, I understand the use of media from the most basic to the most advanced. A career as an illustrator and designer has given me a background with clients in almost every business sector. My most widely published work is a text book on creative business, translated into seven languages. Currently I am working on illustrations that combine historical context with contemporary issues.

Family Legacy Images
For clients who have family research, I find the stories in the numbers and make them come alive through illustration. There are no photographs pre-1850s, so through image research, location histories, and family data, I compose visual themes to represent cultural development. For post-1850s, reference documents, descriptions, and photographs help to make the historical depictions the most authentic and accurate. From illustrated maps to architecture to landscapes to charts, each expresses family character.

Ore and Origins: Biography of a German/American Family
Ten pioneering families converged in 1700. Their story begins with an aggressive French king, a desperate Rhennish Count, and an ambitious Belgian engineer. The fates of the ironworkers are intertwined with the complex political shiftings on the border between France and Germany at the dawn of the industrial era. The source of a pioneering spirit, these families made decisions that both changed family history as well as reflect the histories of countries.

Dealing with Narcissists
This was written in self-defense. In my endless study of human nature, I believe that the narcissists in society are the most dangerous. When I look at my worst experiences in relationships, the other person was a narcissist. We all know them. The best way to not get stung by one is to first identify, and then choose one of three strategies for handling a self-preserving relationship. These entries have proven popular for readership.
Control of the Narcissist” is an overview of the condition, how to identify, and its most common causes.
Self-Defense for Dealing with Narcissists” is a survival guide, outlining choices, predicting outcomes, and keeping sanity.

My particular blend of talents is ignited by the biographical form. Dotted throughout my career, I have written profiles of businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and historical characters. From books to articles to blogs to sites, my themes translate cross-platform. Watch this page for additional profiles as they develop.

Liane Sebastian, illustrator, writer, editor, designer, content creator



2 Responses to Profiles

  1. Hi Liane–This is Thomas Moraitis–It’s been years since Michael’s funeral. I thought of you when I pulled out and envelope with a band that said your name! Lot’s has changed. I’m divorsed. I’m gay. Enough said. Hope all is well with you. For the past few years I’ve worked as an interior designer. You said it–graphic design work is over. We experienced the golden age of design, didn’t we?

    • wisdomofwork says:

      Hi Tom, Just found this message! Best to catch me via email
      What changes you have had!!! We have much to catch up on. I too have evolved design as quite the journey. I too am grateful for the community we experienced in design. Today I live in Evanston, leading a quiet and creative life. It is so great to hear from you– lets catch up more!!! Liane

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